Tolga Peker is operating since 1996 with two companies TEP and Optima in investments and foreign trading markets located in Istanbul and started business in Germany and United Kingdom in 2005 by establishing TEP Deutschland GmbH .

TEP Group was growing with projects in a short time followed by making investments in Iron, steel and paper sectors. These companies were growing in their fields with foreign trade activities so that the the decision was taken in 2014 to found the TEP Holding while continuing to increase international operations and and investments.

Althoug the TEP Group is young it added with its 7 companies working in different fields new investment projects in 2014 desires to grow young and dynamic.

TEP Group is intending continuos rapid growing in the range of 2013-2015 by investing in tourism, energy , aerospace and banking fields receiving synergy from the beautiful working geography decided to become the shining star in the economy in these regions.